API documentation

Authorization, user information


POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/user/employment
Retrieves all places where this user is employed


POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/user/login
Log in with a specific employee


POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/user/logout
Log an employee out


POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/user/gcm/set
Set current employees GCM key

User Online

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/user/online
Check is user online

Last Activity

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/user/activity
Reports persons last activity

Company data


GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/company/colleagues
Get all employees colleagues

User info

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/company/users
Fetch user information by their user ids


Direct message to a user

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/direct
Create or reply to a single conversation that is only between two given users

New Task conversation

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/create
Create a new conversation linked with a task

Reply to a conversation

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/{conversationId}/reply
Reply to a conversation


GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations
Get all conversations

Conversation messages

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/{conversationId}
Get conversations messages

Inform that message is received

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/message/received
Inform that message is received by user

Direct conversation messages

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/direct
Get conversation messages between two users

Conversation messages status

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/conversations/message/status
Get conversations message status


Create attachment

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/attachments/create
Create a new attachment draft

Upload attachment

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/attachments/{id}/upload
Upload an existing attachment draft

Get attachments by ids

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/attachments/get
Get full attachment objects by ids


My trailer list

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/trailers
Get list of acquired trailers

Search by lat lon

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/trailers/searchByLatLgn
Search for trailers by lat lon for nearest

Search by name

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/trailers/searchByName
Search for trailers by name, number

Acquire trailer

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/trailers/acquire
Acquire trailer

Release a trailer

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/trailers/release
Release a trailer


Get task info

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/task
Get full task info with file list

Task statuses

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/statuses
Get all available task statuses

Edit or create a new task

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/edit
Edit an existing task data or create a new one

Delete task

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/deleteTask
Delete task

Search all tasks

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/search/all
Search for tasks that have been assigned to any user

Change tasks status

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/changeStatus
Change tasks status

Change tasks assignee

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/assign
Change tasks assignee

Get task history info

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/history
Get full task history info, status and assignee changes

Attach an attachment to a task

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/addAttachment
Attach an attachment to a task

Attach a waypoint

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tasks/addWaypoint
Link a waypoint with task

Time Tracking

Start work

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tracking/startWork
Inform Rekonekt , that user starts to work

End work

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/tracking/stopWork
Inform Rekonekt , that user stoped working


Set Mapon API key

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/mapon/setApiKey
Set Mapon API key (available to company owners only).


Create a checklist

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/checklists/templates/create
Create a new checklist template

Get checklist templates

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/checklists/templates/get
Get a list of checklist templates

Get own inquired checklists

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/checklists/inquiries/user
Get a list of checklist that are pending for current user

Get all user inquired checklists

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/checklists/inquiries/all
Get a list of checklist that are inquired for all user

Fetch an inquired checklist

GET http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/checklists/inquiries/get
Fetch an inquired checklist with checklist, inquiry object and fields

Send an inquiry

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/checklists/inquiries/send
Send a checklist to be answered by a given user


Create a waypoint

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/waypoints/create
Create a waypoint that can be used later with tasks and conversations

Edit waypoint

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/waypoints/edit
Edit waypoint that is used in tasks or conversations

Delete waypoint

POST http://rekonekt.com/api/v1/waypoints/delete
Delete waypoint that is used in tasks or conversations